Nami Island

Thursday, September 20, 2018


I can't quite remember what happened that day. My alarm went off at 5 AM and it was still dark. I check my phone and found out it was - 4 degrees outside. Alright, let me sleep for 30 minutes... then another 30 minutes.. and another. 😅 When the weather is gloomy and it starts to drizzle, it's quite a challenge to get up and leave the comfort of your bed and a warm blanket, don't you think? After three failed attempts, I have finally succeeded. We quickly prepare, skipped the breakfast and head out, half-awake.


Nami Island or Namiseom is a half moon- shaped isle in Chuncheon formed as the result of the Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944, which was later on turned into a theme park featuring a picturesque scenery of beautiful arrays of trees, ponds, various animals and many more.

In autumn, Nami Island is poetry

In 2006, The Naminara Republic declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea and had it's own diplomatic and cultural policies. They also invented a passport, flag, currency, stamp, a telephone card to promote the island, and a visa in order to enter Namiseom. Interesting.

When it's freezing but you have to smile on the camera. Those are books by the way

Philippines. Present!


Nami Island reached its huge popularity after the hit drama series, Winter Sonata. Though I haven't watched the said drama, this place gives a romantic vibe, almost like your watching a live movie scene especially when you're surrounded by a lot of couples. Ah, these is one of those times when I thought I made the right decision not to travel solo. Haha.

P.s. Don't travel here alone. You've been warned. 😄


Furthermore, Nami also features education and training facilities and camping sites. Lodging such as resort villas and bungalows are available for visitors to stay on the island. (

Rosetta must have put a lot of pixie dust in this tree. How can it look so magical?

"It's so strange that autumn is so beautiful yet everything is dying".


I have always wanted to buy a clear umbrella and mimic a pose from one of those children's storybooks. But judging the photo above.. I think I need to try harder next time. 😁


We initially planned to take only a half-day tour to Nami Island and head to Garden of the Morning Calm for our next location. However, the weather that day was freezing, we're literally shaking and it drained all the energy we have for the entire day. We stayed in Nami and enjoy the rest of the day playing around the fallen autumn leaves and took plenty of photographs.

Beware: the next photos would comprise of a lot of our faces ✌️

Autumn Sonata

No tripod, no problem.

When you met a fellow Filipino..Agassi (Miss).. let's take a photo! 😊

Awkward pose. Sorry 


How to get there/ Sample of expenses (round-trip)

Via Subway:
[Vary] Mangwon Station vs Cheongnyangni Station (38 mins) – KRW1350 x2= KRW2700
Cheongnyangni vs Gapyeong Station via ITX (1 hour) – KRW6,000 x 2= KRW12000
Once you arrived at the Gapyeong Station look for the city tour bus and buy the one day pass. It will enable you to hop on and off to multiple stops and attractions like Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of the Morning Calm.
Gapyeong Tourist Bus – KRW6,000 (Gapyeong Wharf stop)
Nami Ferry (Round-trip) – KRW8,000 for Foreigners inclusive of the entrance/visa fee. The ferry ride takes approximately 5 to 6 minutes.
Total: KRW 28,700 / PHP 1,323

Alternatively, you can take the shuttle bus to Nami Island for KRW15,000 round-trip (Adult)

She was happy

Till the next post ~

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