Naksan Park & Ihwa Mural Village

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


It was a fine Sunday morning, the sun was high and the weather was warmer than the previous day. We decided to skip Ehwa Women's University as we need to catch up the 11 AM worship service at a local church. Upon arriving at the station, we got surprised at the number of Filipinos. There are stalls that sell sweet and savory snacks, an assortment of groceries, local cuisines, and supplies. It appears that this open-market is available every weekend from 12-4 in the afternoon to ease the homesickness of Filipino expats.

After a quick and sumptuous lunch, we head straight to the Ihwa Mural Village.


As much as I wanted to show you this Oppa's face, I have resolved to blur it as a respect to this beautiful stranger (and all the other). Sorry


To get there, take the subway Line 4 to Hyehwa station and depart at Exit 2. Walk further up to Naksan Gongson-gil until you reach the Naksan Park. You'll find a "Man and a Dog" mural, keep going and you'll see more of the street arts.

Tip: Do wear your most comfortable shoes and be prepared for a bit of a hike.

What a brilliant idea to plant, recycle and re-decorate.


Aside from the cute and creative stuff, this village was also featured in numerous k-dramas and TV shows like Strong Woman Da Bong Soon, Rooftop Prince, The Girl who Sees Smells, She Was Pretty and the popular variety show, Running Man.

Da Bong Soon's house was filmed here


Ihwa Mural Village was actually set for demolition twelve years ago as it was seen as a slum and run-down neighborhood. But in 2006, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched the "Ihwa-dong Naksan Project" to revitalize the area. More than 60 artists participated in painting murals and art installations and now, this place has become a major attraction for both local and international tourist. Kudos to that!


Keep in mind that the village is also someone's home, people do live here. Please treat it like your own neighborhood. Respect the properties, do not throw trash on the ground and keep your voice at a minimum level.

I will... I am
You'll also find random art galleries, cafes and locally owned shops along the alleys. I think I've found my favorite place in Seoul. 💕


Set high on a ridge, Naksan Park or "Nakta" as what old Korean's calls it offers a stunning view of the Seoul city. It was a portion of the old fortress wall that runs through the park as a protection to invaders and enemies during the Joseon Dynasty.

History and modernity in one photo


I think I enjoyed so much here that I missed my bag. I sprint back to the trail and track were I possibly lost it. Allegedly, the incident happened 15 minutes ago just right after I took the photo on the top-left. Gladly, I found it still intact with my phone, passport, and wallet. Aigoo ~

The Lost King


Moreover, you can rent old Korean school uniforms and walk around the village in them. I'm not sure whether there's available Hanbok in the area, but we saw two beautiful ladies wearing them.

Nostalgic.. loving the simple details in the lantern.


We spent roughly three and a half hours just roaming around the neighborhood. It was my first time in a Mural village and I had tons of fun. Hopefully, I'll get to visit the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan next time. Fingers crossed.


We sat on one of the benches and ate the snacks we bought earlier. It suddenly gets colder but we opted to stay for another hour for the sunset.

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Cold night, warm hands ~
The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again. - Ram Charan

Till the next post  

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