Taiwan Solo Travel: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Thursday, November 09, 2017


It's been so long since I was able to write another post. Sorry. A lot of things happened this year, so much that I can't find any motivation to do anything. I hope I can write something that is really personal soon and be able to share it with all of you but for now let me share the last remaining memories, I had from Taiwan.

Remember this photo? The very reason why I flew to Taiwan, well you can find it here in Formosan Aboriginal Culture. Did I find the spot? You'll know later, for now, please keep on reading.

Outside Sunmoon Lake Ropeway. Nice counter huh! (:

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a massive amusement park with aboriginal heritage theme located next to Sunmoon Lake. Here you can find cultural live shows, theme parks and rides, European Garden, lush forest and giant trees and over 2000 Cherry Blossom trees in different variations. So if you're heading to Taichung especially on Cherry Blossom Season, make sure to add an extra day to your itinerary since you'll need a whole full day to tour around FACV. I'll tell you, this place is huge so you might consider wearing comfortable shoes.

View from Sunmoon Lake Ropeway

Cafe inside the Sunmoon Lake Ropeway Station

How to get there:

From Taipei and Taichung
The easiest way from Taipei to FAVC is to board an HSR train to Taichung HSR. Transfer to Nantou bus at Taichung HSR Station via Sunmoon Lake and look for buses to FAVC. You can find the bus timetable here.

From Sunmoon Lake
If you have read my previous post I used the Round-the-Lake Bus voucher I bought from Shuishe Pier for NT$80 valid for one day and head first to Wenwu Temple then to Sunmoon Lake Ropeway; just show your ticket to the driver and you can hop on and off to the bus.

You can buy the entrance ticket to Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village from Sun Moon Lake Ropeway for NT$780; this includes both the ticket for the amusement park and unlimited cable car rides from 10:30 AM to 4 PM on weekdays and 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM on Weekend/Holiday.

Taiwan celebrates the largest Cherry Blossom Festival every year from February to March in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Part of this festival includes the Evening Cherry Blossom Activity or Lighted Cherry Blossom Trees. Also, the ticket price is discounted during this event for NT$580 instead of NT$780. Prices subject to change anytime.

Cable car rides to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

A one-way ride on the cable car only takes 7 minutes. I was alone inside when I rode this so that's a plus. If you are afraid of heights it could be a bit challenging, but who knows? Maybe, taking a step towards our fears can change the life we're heading. Don't you think?

For now, let the pictures speak for its self. Enjoy.

Sunmoon Lake from above <3

As you can see, the weather that time is gloomy and foggy but nevertheless, the view from above is mesmerizing and unforgettable. 

I was greeted by this beautiful Plum Blossoms as soon as I entered FAVC

There are lots of couples here by the way.....

A different version of Cherry Blossom in pastel Pink

The choo choo train

Oh, this kid. I will never forget you. Thank you for that day. <3

Welcome to the Ritz Palace!

Straight from animes

Another couple...

And another couple... someday..we'll walk this path like these lovers do.. 😂

You can also rent some costumes in FAVC for a price.

Probably one of my favorite photo from the trip. I wish I could bring my whole family here too. Hopefully soon.


Time flies so fast and it's 3:15 PM. The endless walking makes me feel exhausted, my legs are in pain and I'm gasping for air. I sat on a wooden chair and analyze the day, gazing randomly at people  and being one with nature. I still have some time to spare before the last cable car ride, I thought. And then I remember the photo! I grab my bag and my tripod and look for a map. How can I forget the lake? I run as fast as I can and eventually reached my destination. At last! I said. Well, I did see it sadly, my battery is dead so I wasn't able to take a photo. Good job Samm.

I only have few minutes left and long uphill roads to take before I reach the station, so I ran. Again. I think I did more than 25,000 steps that day! Fortunately, I was able to ride the last cable car along with another tourist. I went to Ita Thao Night market to gain all the energy I lost and used the round-the-lake bus going to the hostel.


It was a long day. Though I forgot about the very reason why I came to the country, the whole experience and all the beautiful nature and people I saw made me realize many things; both good and bad. Someday, I would like to go back there again, with people I love and share the same fondness I felt that time. Fingers crossed.


This may be the last post for Taiwan Solo Travel series. I don't know, I only write depending on the mood and I thought I should at least finish this post before I fly to South Korea tomorrow. If you've been to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village or still planning to go, leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your experiences.

To more stories and adventures. Till the next post. 

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